Volcanes hot springs in Colombia – South America

This is the guest lodge and partial view of one of four hot springs pools located atVolcanes in Machetá, Cundinamarca – Colombia, South America.  During my recent trip to the area, I took a half-a-day trip with my family to enjoy a time of rest and recharging.

You may not visit Volcanes soon, but there are plenty of locations for you to relax and get recharged.  Choose one close to your office or home and take time out for enriching your well-being!

When I visit Atlanta, Georgia, I take time for a walk along the Chattahoochee river.  The Chattahoochee National Park offers a scenery that is exquisite and the fresh air is vital!  Recharge your energy by going outdoors and enjoying the best that nature offers.  Your body will thank you as you deposit habits that add health to your life.


About angela gracia smith

Angela Gracia Smith is the president of Healthy Equations™, formerly AGS Health Promotion. Angela is an adventurous entrepreneur that travels the world researching strategies for adding health to life. Healthy Equations™ offers programs through radio and television in Spanish that are called Ecuaciones de Salud™. These are interactive programs for wellness that offer ideas for individuals to live life at their best!
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