Boxing at 73 Years Young!

What a way to start my Saturday, October 30! I got to do a live bilingual interview of a very interesting man who is an amazing role model for people of any age. Mr. James W. Barnette was born in 1937. At 73 years young, he is a successful businessman, husband, dad and granddad, and also, a recent inductee into the amateur boxing world!

In August of 2010 after two years of preparation and training, Mr. Barnette participated in the 10th Annual Ringside World Championships held in Kansas City, Missouri. The only problem: No man to compete with him in the Masters Division for his weight of 141 pounds. This annual event attracts over 1,200 boxers from all over the world in 62 divisions over the course of four days ( or 1-877-4-BOXING).

The Masters Division in the boxing world is for boxers over 35 years of age. Competitors are paired based on various criteria, including age, weight and experience in the boxing ring. Mr. Barnette enjoyed observing the competition, but his goal is to eventually be in the ring with another boxer.

I asked Mr. Barnette why he chose boxing as his form of physical activity. After all, most of us think of boxers as young, physically fit and highly motivated individuals. Well, Mr. Barnette is 73 years young, fit and determined. But it appears as though there are few men who are up to par with him. Based on my personal observation and research, most men in the U.S. are steadily getting out of shape. By the time they reach 73 years, many are waiting for the next set of medical instructions so they can live marginally with their chronic medical conditions. Maybe Mr. Barnette can find a competitor from another country that is in excellent physical condition and willing to take the ring for a world class amateur boxing match!

Mr. James W. Barnette, training diligently

Mr. James W. Barnette, amateur boxer in training

As part of the Healthy Equations™ or Ecuaciones de Salud™ (Spanish) Interactive Programs for adding wellness to your life, our goal is to offer suggestions for living life at your best. We believe that in each season of life, you can add or subtract habits, multiply the good things in life and divide the overflow. That’s part of the mathematics for living well!

My guest on the “Caminemos Juntos” or “Let’s Walk Together” radio program on 1190AM 11Q in Palm Beach County, Florida or worldwide, Mr. Barnette shared that he chose boxing because he was ready for a new challenge. He had been running and training for marathons since 1976. After more than twenty marathons, three of which were the Boston Marathon that has strict criteria for qualifying, he was bored. He found himself visiting boxing clubs. This reminded him of his interest in boxing which he had developed in his youth. The only thing he had ever done with boxing before the year 2008 was look and enjoy.

Once at the Corpus Christi Police Officer’s Association Boxing Club, his trainer, Ralph Davila encouraged him to understand the demands of the sport. Training conditions are hot in the gym. Boxing is not a glamorous sport. It requires rough physical contact. The average boxing age is between ten and thirty years. Masters division boxing starts at age 35. Sparring with younger boxers is a must for skill development, etc. In fact, as a result of Mr. Davila’s counsel, Mr. Barnette became a licensed boxing official. He can judge and now, is also ready to compete, when another courageous man is ready for the tough discipline of training.

We concluded our interview with the question: “Based on his acquired knowledge and experience, where should people who are thinking of adding boxing to their personal Healthy Equations™ or Ecuaciones de Salud™ start as far a training?” In order for Mr. Barnette to obtain an official boxing license, he underwent a thorough physical examination. Next, Mr. Barnette made sure he could run fifteen to twenty miles. It took him two months to achieve this milestone. To increase muscle strength, Mr. Barnette worked up to thirty push-ups and ten pull-ups non-stop. Other training included weight lifting and dietary modifications.

Living life abundantly at any age is a decision each person must make. The definition for Mr. Barnette of an abundant life is one that includes taking on new challenges and demands. He reminded all of the listening audience that it is never to late to learn and develop new skills. It takes personal discipline, commitment and an action plan that is carefully fulfilled in order to make new goals a reality.

If you are interested in learning more about amateur boxing competition, check out or call 1-877-426-9464.

Thanks Mr. Barnette for enriching the bilingual radio audience of the Interamerican Community Action non-for-profit organization that is based in Palm Beach County, Florida. We look forward to helping you find your qualified boxing competitor!

Mr. Barnette has achieved many milestones in his professional and personal life. The business he and his partner founded and continue to lead, Coastcon Corporation is been responsible for adding multiple structures to the Corpus Christi, Texas skyline. Buildings like the Nursing and Kinesiology facility at Texas A & M University, Federal Courthouse, Whataburger Field and Dugan Wellness Center.


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Angela Gracia Smith is the president of Healthy Equations™, formerly AGS Health Promotion. Angela is an adventurous entrepreneur that travels the world researching strategies for adding health to life. Healthy Equations™ offers programs through radio and television in Spanish that are called Ecuaciones de Salud™. These are interactive programs for wellness that offer ideas for individuals to live life at their best!
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