Linda Scheele on Organic Wine

This week, Linda Scheele from The Organic Cellar was my guest on Hola Contigo, a variety show presented on Hola TV in South Florida via 12.2 digital antenna and 212 or 618 on Comcast cable. During our bilingual interview, Linda and I sampled wines from Sicily, Italy, where the Rilento brand comes from. Rilento wine arrived to Florida this Fall 2010.

During the Sat., 11/27/10 live radio show presented by Interamerican Community Action, “Caminemos Juntos” or “Let’s Walk Together” my guest Linda Scheele pointed out some of the characteristics of organic wine. During the bilingual interview, callers asked Linda about how long to keep a bottle of organic wine once it is open. “Some can last several days and retain the freshness,” answered Linda. Linda described one of the biggest differences between conventional wine and organic, aside from the farming techniques used in the vineyards are the low sulfite content compared to regular wines.

Linda with a gift from Angela at the radio station


The radio station that broadcasts “Caminemos Juntos” on Saturdays between 8:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m. is located Palm Beach County, Florida on 1190AM 11Q or online at The Ecuaciones de Salud segment that I host is usually during the first 40 minutes of the show.


About angela gracia smith

Angela Gracia Smith is the president of Healthy Equations™, formerly AGS Health Promotion. Angela is an adventurous entrepreneur that travels the world researching strategies for adding health to life. Healthy Equations™ offers programs through radio and television in Spanish that are called Ecuaciones de Salud™. These are interactive programs for wellness that offer ideas for individuals to live life at their best!
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