Deposit Habits that Add Life


Get fit for living right!

You make decisions every day that can add wellness to your life. I invite you to invest wisely in your body. What are the three habits that you want to add to your life regularly?


Write on your agenda or calendar three habits that you are going to deposit in your life. Furthermore, write how you plan to deposit those habits. Are you going to purchase comfortable tennis shoes so you may walk daily? Will you purchase more fresh vegetables so you may juice them?

Continue living with vitality by depositing habits that add life.



About angela gracia smith

Angela Gracia Smith is the president of Healthy Equations™, formerly AGS Health Promotion. Angela is an adventurous entrepreneur that travels the world researching strategies for adding health to life. Healthy Equations™ offers programs through radio and television in Spanish that are called Ecuaciones de Salud™. These are interactive programs for wellness that offer ideas for individuals to live life at their best!
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